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We surveyed customers at several farmers markets.

  • 78% told us recipes for market ingredients would be extremely helpful
  • They want to get recipes before they came to market
  • 76% said they would buy more at the market if they had recipe suggestions

Supporting your vendors and customers just got easier…

  • Capture market visitors' contact information
  • Increase sales through recipes
  • Engage customers with notifications and updates
  • Improve vendor satisfaction

Engage your customers

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Guide your customers through every harvest

Recipes for every ingredient

Recipes for every ingredient

Help your customers be successful with your product.
  • Build a customized, searchable recipe library for your business
  • Give your customers a place save and share recipes with each other
  • Leverage exclusive recipes from our team of creators
Recipes for every ingredient

Marketing toolkit

Sign up and get a complete set of promotional materials including print-ready marketing materials, professionally written emails, and branded QR codes. These will remind your customers to stop by the market and pay you a visit
Recipes for every ingredient

Lifetime Support

Kick start your efforts with a personal onboarding session, step-by-step instructions, and ongoing support from our team

What producers are saying

"When we put recipes out there on the app for people to easily access…I was selling out of my cooler of ground meat."
Liz Riffle
Liz Riffle
Riffle Farms
"I knew I was losing people… I look at Culineer, and…now I’m the solution."
Liz Riffle
Jerrica Lockwood
River Ranch
"Culineer takes it out of my hands, not having to come up with different blog entries or printing out recipe cards."
Liz Riffle
Justin Slaughter
Slaughter Farms
Culineer is on a mission to build a more sustainable world by making it easy for people to eat locally-produced foods.
Liz Riffle
Jodi Frank
CEO and Founder
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