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Culineer communities

How it works

Making cooking at home simpler, more inspired, and connected
Recipes for every ingredient
  • Grocery shopping simplified
  • Recipes organized and easily accessed
  • Cooking community provides support and inspiration
  • More moments to enjoy homemade food
Spend less time planning and more time creating and enjoying home-cooked meals.

Simplify cooking with local ingredients

Recipes for every ingredient


Find local food producers and connect with others who share your food interests.

Join local cooking communities for support and inspiration.

Recipes for every ingredient


Save all of your favorite recipes with a click of a button to Culineer for easy access - no matter where you are.

Organize your recipes and share them with friends and family in collaborative cookbooks.

Recipes for every ingredient


Find inspiration from thousands of members adding new recipes every week.

Enjoy our Cook Mode feature that keeps your phone from hibernating while your cooking.

Recipes for every ingredient


Add recipes to a shopping list with a single click.

Share lists with your shopping partner, so shopping is efficient and you always have what you need.

Build your personalized cooking community while finding inspiration from others like you!
Culineer communities
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Culineer communities
Culineer communities
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Culineer communities
Culineer communities
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Culineer communities
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